Best PlayStation 4 Games To Buy In 2017 From A Gamer’s Point of View

Similar to our article titled “Best Xbox One Games To Buy In 2017 From A Gamer’s Point of View”, this is a list featuring the Best PlayStation 4 Games to Buy in 2017.

The same rules apply here. If a game is not on the list, it’s probably because we don’t intend to purchase it – after all, this is from our point of view as gamers.

Furthermore, we make our best to add games that have a confirmed release date or at least are expected to release sometime in 2017. God of War and The Last of Us: Part II, I’m looking at you, until we know more you’ll not make it on the list, otherwise you’re top choices!

As more PlayStation 4 games or release dates are announced we will update the following list – almost every title on the list, if not all, are PS4 console exclusives.

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Giant metal dinosaurs? Two, please! I have picked Horizon Zero Dawn as part of my Best PlayStation 4 Games list because it’s a new IP which looks promising.

It reminds me of Tomb Raider a bit (nice bow skills you got there, Aloy), or more like Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but with robots. Although I can’t shake the feeling that this is a sci-fi third-person Far Cry Primal.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world game developed by Guerrilla Games – better known for the Killzone series – so we can expect the same level of impressive visuals.

In the game, you take the reins of a female hunter named Aloy, and so will we when the game launches later this month, because we intend to fully cover it on our YouTube channel.

Release Date: February 28, 2017